Among lions and gorges

Rift Valley

So here we are, we are done with our study here in Africa and believe that we have managed to get some good material for our thesis as well as having helped iDoc24 get a foot in the door, so to speak. Before we return to Sweden, we are going to relax a little bit. Chris’ girlfriend Ellinor came down on Friday and since then we have gone on two safaris. First to Nairobi national park were we managed to spot most of the big ones.

The highlight was when we managed to spot a male lion about 10m from the car, while Toto-Africa was on the radio, what a moment! Then yesterday we went to lake Naivasha and Hells gate national parks, located about 1,5 hours north of Nairobi, which meant that we went through Rift Valley (top pic) and got to see the wonder that it is. Here we went on a boat safari as well as hiked through the gorges of Hells gate, amazing!
Currently, we have said farewell to our apartment and are on a beach in Zanzibar for some nice relaxation.


The weather forecast looks bleak but the sun is currently shining and we have high hopes that rain will come in short bursts only.

Location: Bellevue beach restaurant, tours and rentals and bar (with wifi).
Playing: coco de rasta – artist unknown


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