Last week

tripple layered pizza


Here we are, our last week in Kenya. Well, that’s not entirely true, it’s our last working week. We’re planning to do a wee bit of safari and a quick trip to Zanzibar to relax a little bit before we return to a probably cold and hectic Sweden to finish our thesis, take a last class and, oh yes, get a job!


So for our last week we’re focused on organizational and economical aspects, and meeting with some of the people from the organizations we’ve worked with and discuss what the future should look like. So far we’ve got very good responses and there seems to be many possibilities to launch the service and many that want to be involved, which is nice. The pilots have gone so so as far as the quality of the service, mainly due to bugs in our demo app, which has a lot to do with our cheap phone. They have served their purpose though and we’ve learned what we wanted from them. However, with a few tweaks and integration of local methods of payment, such as mPesa, it should be good to go. We’ve also been in contact with the guys behind the soon-to-launch service MedAfrica, a mobile platform for health services. If you are in tune with the buzz, those are the guys that won Pivot 25, a bunch of start up money, and a trip to sunny California to pitch their ideas. This is definitely something interesting and a possible partner for iDoc. We’ve a couple of meetings and evaluating interviews left but then we’re done here and are going home. Time passes quick when you have fun as they say.


And if you are wondering about the picture, yes, it is in fact a tripple layered pizza with bbq sauce; Kenya is amazing!


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