Nairobi hospital vs. Maasai village

Hi all,

A lot of things has happen since last time. First of all, Chris’ dad Paul came to visit for the week. Due to this, we have done a few touristy stuff, such as visit the Nairobi museum, go to the Maasai market in Nairobi, get our phone stolen and Chris and Paul went on a quick safari in Tsavo. However, we’ve had a lot of progress with the study as well; the pilot with the Nairobi Women’s Hospital took off on Wednesday and when we discovered that the doctor that helped us in the study had a suitable phone, we installed the app on her phone so that the pilot could continue for the remainder of our time here, without us needing to be present. What we’re looking at here is how the service works in a hospital setting with high medical expertise.

Chris teaching math

Yesterday we went to AfriAfya’s resource center (RC) in the Maasai village Kisapuk just north of the Tanzanian border. With our trusted driver Riwel and AfriAfya’s ICT and field officer Tonny with us, we were in good hands. The RC was located in a primary school and our goal was to see how the service might work in a setting where there’s no medical personnel. We were very well received and between interviewing the responsible ICT guys at the center and being guided around the premises, Chris had time to teach some math to the kids and I taught them some juggling. The idea of a service such as iDoc24 was very well received and can definitely have a future here. All the technical requirements exists already, both when it comes to internet connection as well as the necessary hardware. The HCI requirements are also there, a desire for new technology as well as a well functioning maintenance and training system. The biggest issue is the monetary one and it seems as if some form of aid program is needed in the marginalized communities.


Check out the new pictures in the pictures section. See you soon again.


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