Kisumu part 2.

After having talked with the community health workers at Nyakach on Wednesday (see pic above), we returned the following day to try out the service. A bunch of willing test subjects had turned up to get their various skin ailments looked at and we started right away. However, due to study formalities, the need for a translator, our follow up questions, mobile phone malfunctions, and bad reception, it took much longer than we thought to complete each case. Even so, with great patience from everyone  and a lot of help from our translator Dickson, we managed to send in all the cases before it was time to head back to the train and Nairobi. Interestingly enough, even though we were quite far out in the countryside, we had fairly good mobile reception coverage. When the regular 3G failed, the HSDPA kicked in and uploading a case took about a minute, including two pictures per case. Unfortunately, since the cases took longer than we thought, we didn’t have time to accompany the community health workers on their rounds before we had to return to Nairobi.
And speaking of returning to Nairobi, we mentioned in the previous post that we took the train and we just want to give the train the praise that it deserves. For around $30, you get a private compartment with sleeping berths and sink as well as a nice dinner and breakfast. Even though it takes 15h, it is well worth it since you travel over the evening and night (and thus don’t have to pay for accommodation) and arrive (fairly) well rested the following day. Train -> do it!
In other news, just after arriving to Nairobi we had a meeting with the Women’s hospital of Nairobi (which interestingly enough isn’t just for women) and agreed to do a pilot with the service during the two upcoming weeks so that’s our next goal.
Upon request we’ve also updated the pictures section so that it’s a bit more user friendly and up to date. It now includes the new pictures from the Kisumu trip as well.

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