The iron women (and 2 men) of the North Nyakach location

20110921-081724.jpg Finally we’ve got the ethics application approved! We immediately booked tickets to Kisumu and after only 15h on the train we arrived. Greeting us was Afriafya’s ICT field officer Tonny. After some delicious local lake Victoria Tilapia we quickly drove to one of their locations an hour outside of Kisumu to partake in a lesson of basic Internetting with the local community learning committee made up of teachers and people from local organizations. They have adapted a teaching method that they call the multiplier effect where this core group of people are to teach 5 persons each about the basics of computing and in turn they will teach 5 and so on.

Today, we went to another site, one of the first establishments in the region and had a few sessions with the community health workers there. These are a big group of women (and 2 men) who voluntarily goes around to all the homes in the nearby community each month to collect health data. This way, they can trace disease outbreaks and keep track of pregnant women etc. After our sessions we’ve got a somewhat different view of the situation in rural Kenya and understood the importance of local community engagements. Tomorrow we plan to start sending in some cases and hopefully follow some community health workers around for their rounds to get a better understanding of their work. All in all though, it seems as if this would be an ideal place to launch this service as far as needs and desire to adopt new technology goes.


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  1. Sebastian DiLorenzo

    Sounds like your going to the right places to have an informed opinion. How about some management on your pictures section? ^_^

    September 22, 2011 at 11:44

    • Thanks for keeping me on my toes. Pictures section has been fixed and heavily updated.

      September 24, 2011 at 17:19

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