Going to Kisumu

Hi all,

OK, so we got our ethics application back, with the message that we needed to supply further information, which has taken some time to procure. Hopefully by Monday, we’ll get the final verdict. In the meantime though, we have among other things arranged for a trip to Kisumu, by lake Victoria next week with AfriAfya where we will hopefully get to spend some time with the local community health workers as they do their rounds to collect health information in the local community. An issue for our study is that people with dermatological conditions do not prioritize them until they reach a critical state. It will be very interesting to see what role a service such as iDoc24 could play in such a setting.

Amref building

AfriAfya is an organization that, like several organizations, are based in the AMREF building here in Nairobi. They focus on ICT and have so called resource centers scattered all over the country, often at a school or a clinic in rural areas without electricity. Most of them therefore run on solar panels.  In these resource centers, they provide the local community with one or several Internet connected computers as well as other ICT gadgets. Cool stuff and we’re very exited to see it.

Hakuna Matata.


One response

  1. Dr Börve

    Great Stuff! It be interesting to know at what stage is skin problem “critical”, as if you can treat a skin problem/ tumor early the easier and cheaper it is to treat!

    September 17, 2011 at 12:43

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