And now we play the waiting game…

Hello all,

We’ve now handed in our ethical approval application to the authorities (KEMRI) and are waiting for it to get approved, which will take yet another week. During this time we’ve prepared questions, contacted and met with various organizations, such as AMREF, Afriafya and The Women’s Hospital of Nairobi, which is just across the street. They all seem very interested in the service and we hope to be able to perform the study as planned and try out the service in health care facilities with actual patients. We’ve also met with a venture capitalist to discuss the possibilities for a possible future launch in Kenya.


Womens hospitalWe are not feeling the drought much as it is raining almost constantly which causes power failures and romantic iPhone lit dinners (both cooking and eating).

If you have any questions about Kenya and or our study, don’t hesitate to ask us and we will answer them publicly or via e-mail. Especially students from Swedish universities can ask us about MFS studies and developing countries if they want.

Over and out.



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