Road Trip to Tanzania


It has been a couple of days since our last update due to bad internet connection. Anyways, on wednesday (24:th)  at 0700 EAT (East African Time) we jumped on the bus for Tanzania. We were going there to speak with doctors at the RDTC (Regional Dermatological Training Center) in Moshi, just south of the Kenyan border at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, to see if they were interested in forming some sort of cooperation with our pilot study. We have been in contact with the principal there, Dr. John Masenga, and we had high hopes to have a fruitful cooperation. The RDTC is a center for dermatological knowledge here in East Africa. The meeting went well and it has forced us to reconsider very many things about our research. In total, there are 4 dermatologists at the RDTC and in total about 10 dermatologists in Tanzania. That is 1 dermatologist per four million (that’s six zero’s mind!) people. Absolutely staggering numbers! Dr. Masenga made it clear to us that the shortage of manpower in health care in Africa is substantial. This in turn, requires that any new service has a high efficiency since otherwise, the time put into it might be better used somewhere else. While at the hospital, we met a Finnish surgeon over lunch and decided to invite him with us for a day trip to Kilimanjaro on Saturday.




In unrelated news, we went to a “fireside chat” with a truckload of important people from Nokia this past Tuesday (23rd) at the *iHub_. It was very interesting, but probably nothing we will have much use of for our pilot. Cool though that  Nokia’s executives takes time to come down here and answer questions from the local developers and users. They made clear though that Africa definitely is a huge market for Nokia.


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