Hi everyone,

Today we went to check out the iHub which, just as we expected, seems to be where it’s all happening when it comes to ICT in Kenya. It just so happened that the iHub hosted an event called IPO48  when we walked by. 12 local developer teams competed for the grand price of €25 000 from the hosting company HumanIPO, a network for accelerating start-ups. The teams presented really cool ideas and showed that there is great potential in the entrepreneurs in Kenya. In the end, HumanIPO decided to fund 3 companies! Interviews with the winners can be found here.


When visiting this kind of event, you usually get very inspired and find yourself wanting to start up a business or two, as was the case tonight. Luckily, that’s kind of why we’re here. As mentioned earlier, the iHub is “where IT is at”, and it seems to hold a lot of local expertise when it comes to mobile development and ICT in general. We will be returning (probably tomorrow (or today as this post is past 00:00)) to see if we can get in on the action and perhaps get some work done at their excellent facilities (20Mbit connect speed om nom nom).

Over and out


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  1. iHub is probably the most valuable network in the entire East-African region. A Mecca for entrepreneurs and IT gurus. Lycka till med allt! Med omtanke, Emre.

    September 15, 2011 at 11:36

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