Preparations in Sweden

Preparations in Sweden
Hello everyone, it’s now exactly one week until we leave for Kenya! In other words, time to kickstart the blog with a first status report.

During the summer, we’ve been reading up on a lot of different stuff, ranging from Kenyan geography to Android programming and human-computer interaction theories for developing countries (and maybe just a little bit on good safari sites). During the last couple of weeks we’ve also started to contact organizations in Kenya for possible cooperations during the study, hopefully found a place to live and managed to get our testing-app to work. Things are, more or less, moving according to plan. Excellent!

Next up we’re going to get some more of this theory stuff down on paper (or rather into the computer) and hopefully carry out some interviews next week in Sweden before we leave. We also need to set up a separate database for the Africa traffic on the server and locate the missing travel insurance cards that we thought we had.

If you have questions or viewpoints don’t hesitate to comment below. If you want to be more private, go to the authors page and send us an email using the form.

See you soon again!


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