Following the progress of the blog

Before we ship off to Kenya I thought it might be a good idea to inform visitors of the four main ways of receiving updates about activity on this blog.

  1. True fanatic! Simply make this blog the start page of your web browser.
  2. BFF! Follow the RSS feed provided in the right column. RSS feeds allow you to only follow sources which you care about online and aggregates them onto one simple feed for your to follow. We highly recommend Google Reader via either web interface or a local application which signs into it such as Gruml, NetNewsWire or Reeder.
  3. Friend of a friend. Read your email more often than your RSS feed? Or perhaps you (gasp!) don’t have an RSS feed? By filling out your email address in the panel on the right you will simply receive an email when a post is posted onto the blog.
  4. Peeping Tom. Bookmark the webbpage (CTRL/CMD + D on most browsers) and surf in when you feel like it.
This has been an informational message from your friendly local student researchers.
// Christopher & Rickard.

One response

  1. My brother commented that the “RSS – Posts” button may not lead you to the actual feed but show an xml window or something. This means you probably don’t have an RSS reading application installed and should simply manually subscribe using the URL in the URL:bar.

    The URL is:

    // Chris

    August 6, 2011 at 18:04

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